Online relationship event

Staying on top of mind with relations in a crowded and busy agenda? An online relationship event can provide a solution. An online event ensures that your relations do not have to travel to you, this saves time and is easier to fit into their schedules, especially now that we generally work from home or remotely more often. The goal? Staying visible with your clients, generating valuable data and sharing knowledge.

Our most popular online (and hybrid!) relationship events

The roundtable discussion. Connect participants with experts and get them to go deeper into the content of a product or innovative working method together. Or share knowledge from experts and researchers at the table with the audience online. This concept ideally suited for government agencies, pharmaceutical organizations and public institutions.

The talk show. At a real big talk show table, participants present themselves and tell all about their views on the content to be discussed. Additional guests? A chairman of the day, moderator or client. A talk show is extremely suitable for sharing a new business strategy, strengthening the corporate identity and establishing the ambition of the organization. Invite colleagues to share their experiences and make the online meeting interactive.

The expert session. Hook up experts or speakers from the industry to enthuse and inform about the central topic. Think about a new service, innovative way of working or general added value to the market. We send participants questions and polls for relevant and valuable information. Do your relations understand what your goal is with this online relationship event? Through an expert session, you position your organization as a leader in your field.

Online brainstorming. Receive information from relations with this valuable online relationship event. Where do we stand? Where do we offer added value? How do we make ourselves indispensable - even in the new normal? And what is the vision of relations on our service of last year? Special, personal questions lead to a mountain of input. The desired result? Concrete new actions and solutions for even more success!

Connecting in a busy time? An online relationship event can provide the solution.

During a busy time, we often get discouraged by the impossibilities. Creators of Live explores the possibilities and zooms in on what is possible. An online relationship event can offer a solution in the scarce time available with clients and other stakeholders.

Whatever your event issue is, we look with you. Devise enticing and appropriate Event Design plans both live, online and hybrid. Curious about the possibilities? Let's meet.



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