The SDG Game. Learn from the climate report!

On August 9, the IPCC of the United Nations released a devastating Climate Change Report. Immediate action needs to be taken on a global scale to combat global warming! How are we going to do this? What is the importance of companies? What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the Climate Change Report?

The SDG Game: learn from the climate report

In recent years it has been an oft-discussed topic in the media. Our earth's resources are running out. Several times there was a call for immediate action for a more sustainable world: to stop global warming. How are we going to do this? What is the importance for organization? What are the 17 sustainable development goals from the climate report?

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What is The SDG Game?

The SDG Game is an online game, besides being social in nature, it is actually good as team building. The online game is especially developed in these bizarre times, where working from home will remain. Components that recur in the game, effective collaboration, communication, connecting, trust and above all wanting to do the right thing with each other. The game is designed that you get to know and learn about the 17 social development goals in a fun, interesting yet light-hearted way.

From learning about the good, you start doing the good! More information or play The SDG Game with your team? Then contact us.

17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Climate change is due in part to greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions. One of the 17 Social Development Goals is to reduce CO2 to zero, or climate action! But there are many more United Nations Social Development Goals (SDGs). During an interactive online game, your employees will learn about the 17 major goals of the united nations. 6 other Sustainable Development Goals are, for example:

No poverty
No hunger
Quality education for all
Decent work and therefore economic growth
Affordable and clean energy
Inclusiveness, gender equality

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Give back, for a better world

As a client or as a team you can jointly decide to make an additional donation to one of our foundations after the game. In a team of 6 people, we then recommend a joint contribution of €30.00. For example, it is possible to make a contribution to B1G1: Business for Good. An American foundation that has 3 SDGs Bundles: Active Economy, Beautiful Society and Clean Earth. Collectively, these combat the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. There is also the opportunity to contribute to foundations we feel involved with, such as:

Pass on our earth; contribute to a more sustainable world.

Is the climate report playing out within your organization? Do you want to make your employees more aware about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations? With The SDG Game we are committed to a better world, this online team building can be played from 20 people. Want to know more? Then contact us.

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