Connect virtually. Visit worlds greatest festivals within an hour and a half!

Connecting a team of 50 people all over the world with each other in a humorous and playful way.  A way that suits our here and now, this summer and the world of communication possibilities. Where to start? That’s right! At the Creators of Live expertise in online events.

The original plan

Our client requested an online team building event focused on communication and connection. The details were crystal clear: an online escape room and about 50 people from all over the world. The time frame? One hour and a half. We started with an extensive intake: focus on the question, expose the dilemma and work towards a unique win-win situation.

Plot twist: Creators of Live changed the plan

After the extensive intake it became clear. An online escape room didn’t fit the aim of our client. Our expertise was the basis for a plot twist: change of plans for maximum effectiveness. Who ever said no to an exclusive festival event? Creators of Live responds to the impossibilities.

Clientcase_Online Festival Game _ Creators of Live (3).jpg
Clientcase_Online Festival Game _ Creators of Live (1).jpg

The Global Festival Game

Visit worlds greatest festivals within an hour and a half. Virtual! Completely matching this summer, where festivals are largely cancelled and organizations are not allowed to organize (international) events. Ánd completely matching the aim of our client: connection from a good atmosphere, humor, play and communication. Check, check, check and chéck.  

This online team building game suits our global common situation, longing for the reopening of our society. With Creators of Live festival lovers can go crazy again. A unique way to reach the goal!

Discover the 7 greatest festivals of the world

The Global Festival Game needs involvement of all participants. This way we work towards an optimal win-win situation for our client. Also online! From an exclusive save the date to a hilarious, but single-minded experience: this is how we roll.

Save the date
A good warming up is key. Beforehand we communicate a Creators of Live ‘save the date’. Basic? Not our thing. We create a perfect festival atmosphere by using a unique design, surprising inspiration video’s and clear instructions.

From pop and rock to dance and trance
During the central introduction the director or manager gives the event an extra boost with a personal kick-off. In teams of 5 the participants enter the break-out room, where our supervisors are available for multiple tips and tricks during the game.

The aim? Solve riddles, brain teasers and assignments to discover the seven greatest festivals in the world. Together as a team and as quickly as possible. From pop and rock to dance and trance: get ready for a convivial, hilarious ánd unique way of team building.

Is exclusive connection also your next step?

The online team building event was a great success! No (virtual) escape room could have beaten this. Creators of Live contribute to connection within teams, humor, lightness and optimal appreciation. High end, exclusive and beyond all standards.

Are beaten tracks not yours? And are you curious about what we have in store for your case? Challenge us and let us exceed your expectations. One for the team!

Clientcase_Online Festival Game _ Creators of Live (1).jpg


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