Organizing a kick-off event

Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency for exclusive, high-end events. We develop tantalizing concepts for everyone's unique experience. The setting? The world! The goal? A unique lifetime experience. A kick-off event or year start meeting is often organized to communicate the new plans, strategy and mission for the new year to employees, the team or relations.

By deploying the campaign, we reinforce your organization's new plans, strengthen the strategy and mission for the new year. Thus, the kick-off event becomes the beginning of a sequence of multiple events to strengthen the company strategy!

Boundless possibilities

Start with a stimulating message, a tangible seduction, and a special invitation. A kick-off event or year start meeting ensures that all noses are pointed in the desired direction. The new strategy, mission and vision for the new year are presented, coupled with appropriate targets.

By applying outstanding creativity, we develop unique Event Design plans, both nationally and internationally. If desired, we extend the communication through on- and offline communication tools. This keeps everyone involved and goals are realized, an ultimate win-win situation!

Organizing a result-oriented kick-off event in the Netherlands

The passion of Creators of Live comes from extensive experience within the international hospitality and event industry. Because of this we know the locations, the diversity of suppliers, from furnishing, decoration, flowers to light and sound and entertainment. Matching with a varied range of accommodation from a standard hotel to an exclusive castle or how about a special camp in the middle of the woods. By considering the different possibilities, together we build step by step a special kick-off event or year start meeting.

Real kick-off across the border

Did we already put day we are limitless? Then we'll do it again; limitless! We think in terms of possibilities! Are there limitations after all? Then we go further and zoom in to bring them to an absolute win-win. Thus, Lapland and Iceland do not leave us cold for an ultimate kick-off event brimming with adrenaline and heartwarming moments. Are the goals extremely ambitious to say the least? Then the glamour of southern France or Dubai is the ideal setting for a unique experience. Is the company changing course and thinking more about sustainability and social impact? Then dare to take the plunge to The Gambia, where there is a role in rewarding projects and initiatives.

A kick-off event or year start meeting?

From the values of love, interest, respect, and success combined with our accountability for sustainability, social impact, and inclusion, we develop surprising Event Design opportunities. Always in collaboration, or co-creation, and transparent and clear consultation.

In special times, we expect special experiences, the ultimate live experience! Combined with our live communication processes both on- and offline, we maintain engagement and grow together towards a lasting and warm collaboration. Curious? Then schedule a no-obligation introduction and get in touch.





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