Boardmeetings & Meetings; at home or worldwide.

With a creative consulting and organizing agency, organize unique and special meetings and board meetings. At home in your own country or to exotic destinations or in between. For important meetings it can be nice to be out of familiar surroundings, this enhances creativity and keeps you from noise in the workplace.

Creators of Live builds on a solid network of quality partners internationally. These include hotels, event venues, on-site event managers, AV partners and activity organizers. For example, we previously organized a particularly exclusive board meeting in Dubai into a successful live event and a lifetime memory.

From rough sketch to board meeting.

When sharing your issue, it is important for us to understand the background, topic, and purpose of your board meeting. Has a location already been chosen by management? Or would you like us to research where your board meeting could best take place? The location of your board meeting depends on the requirements, participants, and purpose.

For the board meeting we can facilitate airfare and accommodation if desired, of course you are also free to arrange this directly with your purchasing partner. Creators of Live gladly dives into the issue and explores the possibilities for the meeting or board meeting on location and builds the social program around it, from team building activities to exclusive private dinners.

The care and content of your board meeting

Creators of Live has a passion and specialty for global event management. Thanks to our partners, we can successfully complete all facets. For example, we research the place or location, arrange the travel or transfers of the participants, advise on hotel accommodation, and facilitate the meeting location (at home or elsewhere in the world).

Will you give us a thorough briefing on the topic and purpose of your board meeting? Are there decisions to be made? What is roughly the content? Where are the participants coming from? Some questions that help us research the right destination for your board meeting or meeting.

In addition to the substantive part of the board meeting or meeting, we also recommend adding an informal element in the form of a private dining, gala dinner or team building activity. This strengthens the mutual bond and makes your board meeting memorable. With our accurate, hospitable, and creative approach, we exceed the expectations of every participant!

Your board meeting or meeting extra special?

Making a board meeting, meeting or off-site extra special? Check! We are extremely happy to do so by using exclusive partners and designing a unique concept. Do you give us the frameworks, or do you give us "carte blanche"? Then we go for the extreme!

Curious about our possibilities? Want to get acquainted or spar about your request? Then contact us.


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