Special meetings: those that exceed expectations.

When is a meeting special? When does your organization simply not get away with an ordinary meeting in an ordinary location? When is your intended win-win situation so grand that the goal cannot be missed? And how do you make sure that the goal is not missed? Special meetings that exceed both goals and expectations: live, hybrid or online.

What is the purpose of your special meeting?

Every meeting has a purpose. Getting together for the sake of getting together is called a cocktail drink. But what if the purpose of a meeting calls for just a little extra attention, connection and added value?  What if the very purpose of this meeting is more important than ever? Consider, for example:

  • ·        National & international board meetings
  • ·        Strategy sessions for a new proposition or new policy
  • ·        Brainstorming session for a new product launch
  • ·        A conflict within the organization or with an external relationship
  • ·        Evaluating the past season and determining strategy for the future
  • ·        Orientation for an investment or making an investment e.g., in case of acquisition or purchase.
  • ·        Nominating or appointing a new executive or board member, director, or chairman
  • ·        Conducting job interviews with several candidates at a discreet location

What is the purpose of your special meeting? Involve us in the content and message and be surprised.

Confidential, essential and exclusive.

There is a range of reasons for a special meeting. The main commonality? Confidential content, essential reciprocity and an exclusive nature. A special meeting is not scheduled every day, and for this very reason it may be special and special. That is precisely why it should be special.

Small details, big results

To achieve the goal of a special meeting, the right added value is essential. At Creators of Live, we understand what small details make for big results. Your desired outcome is our beginning. With our expertise in Meeting Design, we know the world of special setups, but we also know exactly which details make the difference. As such, we are at home in a wealth of venues at home and abroad. What destination do you have in mind? What destination does your win-win situation require? In addition, we create a clear picture of all guests, their interests and influence in the story. Based on the content, the guests and the goal, we create an exclusive grand plan: small details, big results.

Especially for your special meeting.

With over 15 years of expertise in the international hospitality and events industry, goals like surprise, added value, creating win-win situations, and making lifelong or life-changing memories are in our daily playbook. Domestic or international, live, hybrid or online internal or external. What is the purpose of your special meeting? Let us spar about that.

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