Corporate sustainability: CSR

Creators of Live is a creative consultancy and organization agency for live communication and live events, worldwide. Live communication & Live events can be a big polluter of our earth. Think of the travel movements, printing, venues and especially the masses of catering.

Creators of Live tries to organize events in a sustainable way. We do this by making conscious choices in advance during the creative process. During the creative process we develop an Event Design plan. In this plan we make conscious choices for partners, printing, and organization.

We believe in the power of our Corporate Sustainability and Responsiblity! Or in other words Corporate Social Responsibility. Our mission is to create sustainable and inclusive experiences, making stories come alive and lifelong memories come true. And we do this not alone but with our partners for a better world!

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Creators of Live as low a footprint as possible.

As a consultancy and organization agency in Global Event Management, we travel all over the world ourselves. This causes the necessary CO2 emissions. This is our biggest dilemma to do business as consciously and sustainably as possible. As a solution, we choose green ways to travel, for example by train. If this does not work out, we choose to compensate our CO2 with an annual contribution to Trees for All. They strive for a greener and healthier world by planting trees.

Live communication, sustainability.

Most of the events we organize for our clients involve not only digital, but also live communication. Think of banners, name tags and badges, but also flyers and promotional gifts. In this, it is always our starting point to look for recycled and sustainable printing materials. Not only do we strive for this, but we also convince our partners to be aware of this.

At the same time, we try to use all printed materials in multiple ways in consultation with our clients. So that it is not a "one off" but the materials and printed matter are used more often for a more sustainable life cycle.

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We create for better!

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Live events, a sustainable and inclusive organization.

During the creative process of developing an Event Design plan, we make conscious choices. For example, we like to select sustainable partners from event venues, hotels to entertainment and transfers. We are also selective when selecting an appropriate caterer or restaurant. We think it is important, that as much as possible is done locally with fresh products. Surplus from catering is not thrown away but is given a second life in another way. For example, with Too Good To Go or and if possible the food is donated to local farmers for their animals. We strive for an optimal "No Waste" policy.

And, in the context of inclusiveness, we are exploring options. Not only is it about sustainable catering, but also inclusive catering, considering the health and cultural background of our guests. For example, it is a trend to be able to offer more and more vegan and halal. This also applies to beverage arrangements where more conscious choices are made for non-alcoholic options, with local fresh juices.

Together for a better future.

From the strength of Creators of Live and the clients involved, we like to pass the world on to the next generation. From the personal passion of Jacco Verschoor, he is associated with the Smiling Child of The Gambia Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to more than 500 children in primary education in The Gambia. Not only do they make primary education accessible for many children, but they also help to build school facilities.

We believe that education is the key to a better future. That is why we are an active ambassador and partner of the Smiling Child of The Gambia Foundation. And every year we donate a nice percentage of our organization's profits to this foundation.


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